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Gemunu Bandara Amarasinghe (

profileGemunu, with nearly a decade of experience in web designing, development and multimedia solutions, graphic design leads the Web Solutions Team of Web Solutions at Ceylon Networks, Sri Lanka.

It is said that the Perfect Web Designer doesn’t exist. But perhaps, the concept of Ideal Website could be held aloft. This is where Gemunu lands now with thunder, then with a whisper. Gemunu excels in marshalling his team of web designers and developers to design and develop not simply a website that is unique but also ideal. He believes that each & every unique website should claim its stand as the ideal product for each and every project he lays hands on.

In the beginning Gemunu concentrates on the customer’s requirements and target market. At the same time he drives to the hilt the application of the concepts of SEO [Search Engine Optimization] in the designing level itself. Therein begins his quest for the ideal website for our client.

Gemunu’s expertise in responsive web design (i.e. customer-facing part of the website) as well as in the web development (i.e. the back-end of the website, the programming and interactions on the pages) makes matters smooth for him to interact and discuss with our clients to sort out “why” from “how”. All he wants to figure out in the discussions are “Why”. That is his springboard where he takes off to evolve solutions at “how” the desired requirements of the client can be achieved at his work station with his team. His constant search for answers to why a certain issue ought to be addressed in such a way has often resulted in reaching superior alternative solutions; and in some occasions, out of the box solutions.

Popularly called “Wy Ho” [at once for his Why & How approach as well as for his Chinese good looks], that is Gemunu in a nutshell. But then Gemunu wouldn’t be encapsulated in a nutshell. He is one of those whose many faceted talents have truly blossomed into a bunch of skills in his trade; he is one of those rare breeds whose achievements outweigh academic qualifications.

Here is a web designer and a developer who displays proficiency in an array of design and development software and still more makes himself quite handy in further more software as and when the situation arises.

Gemunu’s expertise is spread over a wide range of web designing and developing software: on designing level he is exceedingly conversant in Dream Viewer, Flash, Photoshop, illustrator, Adobe Premier, Corel Draw; on development level he is supremely skilled in HTML/HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, Bootstrap, Foundation and ASP.

Furthermore, riding all the trends and waves of modern web design & development, Gemunu continuously expands his knowledge of the core areas common to all web development whether it be client-side or server-side.